We’re in the process of releasing the first issue of Die-Hard Gamer now in three parts:

  • Issue #1 in Black & White – This is the original first issue of Die-Hard Gamer with some enhancements to the page quality.  Beyond that, this is almost identical to what you would have found on magazine racks in late 1985!
  • Issue #1 in Color – Taking the pages from the Winter ’85-’86 Special Edition, we’ve restored the original Die-Hard Gamer in full color!  We’ve also improved the coloring and made additional enhancements to make these pages really pop on the screen!  Finally, we’ve also renumbered the pages so that everything looks like it would have if the first issue had been entirely in color.
  • Issue #1 UneditedWe eventually plan on releasing (We now have released...) the first issue without any page enhancements.  That means there is some yellowing, a lot of raster, and other blemishes that we’ve painstakingly removed with our other releases… but we understand that some of you are after the original scans, period.  It is, however, in color.  As a warning, these PDFs are a much larger size than our current releases.

What’s next?

Issue 1.5, or what was known as the Winter ’85-’86 Special Edition.